CND Press Digest: Monday 13th February 2024

Posted: 12th February 2024

NATO / Europe

Middle East & North Africa

  • Pro-Palestine and climate activists stage sit-in over British Museum’s ties to fossil fuel giant BP.
  • The Telegraph runs a comment from US hawk John Bolton, who claims the two-sate solution is dead.
  • That’s as mediator Daniel Levin writes in the Guardian that he believes there is a way to achieve peace in Israel and Palestine.

Global Nukes

  • Today’s AI threatMore like nuclear winter than nuclear war.
  • Escalating to de-escalate with nuclear weaponsResearch shows it’s a particularly bad idea.
  • hosting UK’s nuclear weapons in Scotland.

    • The Times takes a look at Babcock International’s fluctuating share price - and confusion among investors over whether the firm should be classed as defence or support services.  
    • Julian Lewis MP responds to Rebecca Johnson’s letter to the Guardian, claimingthe the 1987 INF treaty wouldn’t have happened if the campaign for unilateral UK nuclear disarmament had succeeded.
    • Bright GreenAmerican nukes in Britain ‘makes us a nuclear target’, CND says.

    UK Nuclear Energy

    • FTGuardian, and Metro, report on plans by Great British Nuclear to discuss buying land in Wylfa, Anglesea, back from Hitachi which in 2020 canned plans to build a new £20 billion reactor there.
    • The final public meeting to discuss plans to bury nuclear waste in East Yorkshire takes place later, reports the BBC.
    • Call to withdrawal from Holderness nuclear waste site talks amid tourism and farming ‘fears’.
    • The TimesWelding method drastically cuts time to make mini nuclear reactors. Sheffield Forgemasters uses electron beams that reduce the process from 150 days to two hours.

    Nuclear Energy

    • Urenco, the biggest supplier of enriched uranium to US nuclear plants, said a US ban on Russian uranium would boost a multibillion-dollar effort by western nations to strengthen their nuclear supply chain.
    • France’s EDF shuts down two nuclear reactors after fire at Chinon plant.
    • The ruined Fukushima nuclear plant leaked radioactive water, but none escaped the facility.



    Pádraig McCarrick


    Press and Communications Officer

    Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

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