Beyond Nuclear International Weekly Digest, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2024

Posted: 12th February 2024

Super wealthy, mostly White men, keep telling us why we need nuclear power. But they are wrong on every count, writes Linda Pentz Gunter. We are facing five omnicides, says Ralph Nader. Only we, the people, can prevent them.

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Elites always wrong on nukes

They said Germany’s nuclear shutdown would mean burning more coal. The reverse happened. They told the world we “want” more nuclear power with fantastical predictions that will never come true. In March they will flock to an IAEA-hosted nuclear energy summit to launch their triple nuclear ship—as extravagant and as doomed as the Titanic. Isn’t it about time we stopped listening to rich, old, mostly White men? READ MORE

We face five Omnicides

We are in trouble, writes Ralph Nader. Climate violence, pandemics, weapons of mass destruction, AI and a wave of elected dictators could send us to our oblivion. Our hope lies in societies with deliberative democratic practices and traditions of civic engagement, he says, that lean towards governments of, by and for the people. READ MORE

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