Stop the War coalition - after Saturday's march

Posted: 31st March 2024

“My parents. My father with his displaced friends who came from Gaza City. They were altogether when suddenly they were all gone like dust.” 


So said one Rafah resident last week as Israel intensified its air strikes on the city in defiance of the UN Security Council resolution. Israel is showing its disdain for the UN, and many believe the escalation of bombing raids in Rafah are in preparation for its long-threatened ground assault. Israel does not care about the massive civilian casualties it will inflict because it is committed to conducting genocide.


This is why it was so important that we keep up the pressure. We must not rest.

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It was fantastic that so many took to the streets on Saturday. It was again another amazing display of solidarity with Palestine. It was the 11th national demonstration – proving the support for Gaza is as strong and deep as ever. The protests, rallies, meetings and demonstrations have now been going for six months. But we still cannot stop.


Sustaining this level of activity over so many months costs.


The cracks in support for Israel’s war are growing. Canada has now ceased its arms trade with Israel, and Britain must too. We demand the British government stop arming Israel and cease trading with this genocidal state. Help us keep on pushing.


A donation of £25 pays for 1000 leaflets, £50 for 2000 flyers; £75 pays for 50 placards; £150 for 100 placards.

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