NATO leaders will descend on Washington DC this weekend

Posted: 5th July 2024

NATO leaders stand for family photo at 2023 NATO summit

NATO leaders will descend on Washington DC this weekend and CND will be on the ground for the counter-protests at the summit. In the 12 months since the last meeting in Lithuania, we have seen more proof that US/NATO nuclear bombs are coming to Britain as well as NATO’s continued support for war in Ukraine instead of a negotiated settlement. Several NATO members, including Britain, the US, and Germany, continue to shamefully back Israel’s genocide in Gaza with military and diplomatic support, despite international condemnation and public pressure.


We encourage supporters to join the counter-summit taking place on 6 and 7 July online. You can find the programme of events and links to watch the streams here.

On CND’s website, we have published an article by CodePink’s Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies. In it, they succinctly outline NATO’s history of bloodshed, its intentions for expanding its remit further, and they explain why you must join the protests this weekend, either virtually or in person!


For more resources on CND’s campaign to get Britain out of NATO, go to our dedicated page here.

 Keir Starmer unveiling defence policy

How can trade unions organise against the growing nuclear threat? – CND trade union online meeting


As the Conservatives’ 14-years of misrule draw to a close, we must remember that Labour in government has pledged to spend 2.5% of GDP on Britain’s military, alongside an “unshakeable” commitment to nuclear weapons. 


Unfortunately, this is supported by some trade unions – including the TUC – which have backed these policies on the basis that they will secure jobs. We cannot accept that the labour movement is part of the drum beat to nuclear war – we must get organised to stop it.


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