Yesterday's Stop the Genocide - Stop Arming Israel demonstration

Posted: 7th July 2024


Yesterday’s Stop the Genocide – Stop Arming Israel demonstration was another immense display of solidarity with the Palestinian people. This unprecedented cycle of giant national demonstrations continues to shake the political establishment and with a new Labour government we have to step up the pressure.


Despite the forces stacked against us, our movement for peace and justice for Palestine had a huge effect on Thursday’s election. Yesterday, we took that back into the streets and we will continue doing so until our demands for demand an end to Israel’s genocide and our government’s support for it are met.


We’ve played a vital role in organising and promoting this movement at both local and national level. We urgently need funds to sustain this effort. Please give generously.

We cannot look away as the horror in Gaza persists with more than 38,000 people dead, up to 21,000 children missing and famine on the horizon. But however devastating the situation is, our protests are making a difference. 


Pro-Palestine candidates made serious gains and delivered historic victories on Thursday from Blackburn to Islington via Bristol and Birmingham. These would not have happened without the protests we have been co-organising. With Starmer as PM we now need to continue widening this movement until there is a permanent ceasefire, an end to arms sales to Israel and justice for the Palestinians.


To maintain this level of activity we need you. So, please if you are able, help us build our campaign, build the demo and stand up to the warmongers by donating today.

Find out more – call Caroline on 01722 321865 or email us.