Bulleting of the Atomic Scientists, July 8, 2024

Posted: 8th July 2024

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The thorny social problem of permanent nuclear waste storage

The biggest challenge for siting permanent nuclear waste storage is convincing people it is safe to live near it. Read more.

The Bulletin welcomes top nuclear security experts to its leadership

Rose Gottemoeller, the former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, and Manpreet Sethi, a Distinguished Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies, join Bulletin leadership. Read more.

Middle East and North African countries need better rules for gain of function pathogen research

While the systems in some countries in the Middle East and North Africa for dealing with biological risks are rather developed, other countries haven’t yet developed national strategies for gain of function research or pathogen handling. Read more.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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Nuclear Notebook: French nuclear weapons, 2023

Following the French election, we’re sharing this archival piece from 2023 as the world waits to see what may be in store for the future of the French nuclear strategy. Read more.

Nuclear Notebook: How many nuclear weapons does the United Kingdom have in 2021?

Of all the nuclear weapon states, the United Kingdom has moved the furthest toward establishing a minimum nuclear deterrent. In light of the recent election, we’re sharing this piece from 2021 on the UK’s nuclear arsenal and where it stood then. Read more.

“A massive volume of data, scrapped from webpages, Wikipedia, Reddit and transcribed YouTube videos are poured into these AI models. To process this data, hundreds of graphics processing units — electronic circuits capable of performing rapid mathematical calculations — run continually for thousands of hours. And all of that requires electricity [...]”

— Jessica Kuntz and Lauren Kuntz, “AI is here. Get ready for a spike in your electric bill,” CNN


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