Salisbury CND Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemorative Candle Float

Posted: 25th July 2020

Every year, for the past three decades and more, Salisbury CND has organised a Candle Float to remember those who died when two nuclear weapons were detonated over these Japanese cities.  We also recall all those whose lives have been blighted by the production and testing of nuclear weapons.  We feel strongly that these weapons have no place in this world.

This year, 2020, sees the passing of 75 years since the two bombs were dropped.  The Covid-19 pandemic means that we cannot organise a large public event this year.  As an alternative, we have filmed a very special Candle Float and we hope you will find it a good substitute in the difficult circumstances that we all face.

As Salisbury CND, we feel very grateful to have received a letter this year from the Mayor of Hiroshima.  Our film is inspired by his words.  The coloured rectangular lanterns that you will see mingling with our own floating candles are similar in design to those used in Hiroshima’s own Candle Float.  Two styles of lantern symbolise the unity of purpose of our two groups have in bringing about the elimination of nuclear weapons.

We hope you will be moved by the film, and do please share this link with your friends.

You can read the complete text of the letter from the Mayor of Hiroshima below.

If you would like to look into these matters further, please look at this link, which includes a very comprehensive exhibition of the history of the devastation  of these two cities and their people.

(Please be assured that all lanterns were recovered from the river after filming)

Letter to Salisbury CND from the Mayor of Hiroshima


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