Write to Labour’s new Foreign Secretary

Posted: 10th July 2024

For over nine months, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have been subjected to Israel’s ongoing genocide with the complicity of the British government, supported by the Labour Party. With Labour now in power, we need to ramp up pressure on it to stand up for Palestine.

Write to Labour’s new Foreign Secretary

This couldn’t be more urgent. Yesterday, Israel bombed a school sheltering displaced Palestinians in Gaza, killing at least 31 people.This was the fourth school in as many days to be attacked. Hundreds of thousands more Palestinians have today been ordered to flee Gaza City amid intense bombing, but have nowhere to go. They are among the 90% of Gaza’s population who have been displaced.

The UK has been deeply complicit in this suffering of Palestinians, but with a new government comes an opportunity to push for change. This relies on people like you 

 taking action. We need thousands of people putting pressure on the new Foreign Secretary by taking two minutes to complete our e-action and sending him a message.

Email David Lammy and demand action

Our demands are time sensitive, including that the government supports the International Criminal Court (ICC) by abandoning Tory efforts already in train to prevent it holding Israel accountable for violations of international law. We’re also calling for British funding to immediately be reinstated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) after it was shamefully suspended by the last government, and for an immediate end to the arms trade with Israel.

Peter, please take action today to demand our new government ends its complicity in Israel’s human rights abuses.

In solidarity,


PSC Campaigns Officer

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