Nukewatch report 26th/27th July 2020

Posted: 27th July 2020

A nuclear warhead convoy travelled northbound on Sunday 26th July, stopping for lunch at MOD Stafford, and travelling on the western route to Cumbria.

On Monday 27th July the convoy travelled north through Scotland arriving at RNAD Coulport at 2.30pm.


This is the 4th nuclear warhead convoy travelling between AWE Burghfield and RNAD Coulport in 3 months, this being the 2nd convoy this month.


Nukewatch continues to monitor and track the most deadly cargoes on our roads. 



We need your help!


  • If you see a nuclear weapons convoy on your travels please let us know as soon as possible. We need to know what you saw, time and place, and the direction the convoy was travelling in. Please report any sightings to 0345 4588 365 (North) or 0345 4588 364 (South).


Thank you for your support.

Nuclear warhead convoy in rain, Scotland, 27th July 2020.

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