B-52 from Fairford Friday 28th August - Denmark summons Russian envoy over airspace violation

Posted: 3rd September 2020

Denmark summons Russian envoy over airspace violation

Copenhagen (AFP) Sept 1, 2020




This incident happened during a flight of one of the B-52s on exercise from USAF Fairford on Friday 28th August, when four of the B52s from Fairford flew over all the Europian NATO countries –


“NATO said a US B52 bomber was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 fighter and followed well into Danish airspace over the island, “committing a significant violation of airspace of a NATO nation.” 

The US aircraft was taking part in a training activity in which six B52 aircraft flew over all 30 NATO member nations in a single day, accompanied by and training with around 80 fighter aircraft from across the Alliance.”

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