Integrated Review to adjust to the changing nature of threats we face

Posted: 5th September 2020

Dear friend,

The last few past months have given many of us pause for thought, about the global nature of the problems we face – and the solutions needed. About the inequalities in our society, where the people who keep our health, food and care systems going are paid the least. About the escalating climate crisis behind the unprecedented heat waves. About the problems of institutionalised racism we must end. And how we cannot solve any of these issues alone.

At the same time, the government has been conducting a major overhaul of its military, security, foreign and international development policy. Announcing the “Integrated Review” earlier this year, the Prime Minister explained the UK needs to adjust “to the changing nature of threats we face”. We couldn’t agree more.

After pressure, the government has finally opened up this review to wider input. Will you have your say?

Government cuts have pushed our basic health services to breaking point. And the government, fixated on military threats, ignored warnings in its own reports that it needed to stockpile protective equipment to prepare for a global pandemic. This has cost lives – and disproportionately impacted on people of colour.

The climate emergency is the biggest security threat we face, and those who suffer most are still recovering from centuries of exploitation by the same colonial powers who helped create climate change. The government should start to address the injustice by ending support for the arms trade and using that funding to rebuild our economy with millions of green jobs.

The pandemic, and the arrival of refugees and migrants at our increasingly militarised borders, has shown us is that our security is interconnected with that of our fellow citizens around the world.

We need to completely rethink what we mean by security.

To create real human security we must end government support for the arms trade, and instead invest in decent housing and health care for all, preparing for pandemics, working for racial justice, promoting international solidarity not militarising borders, and taking radical action to address climate change.

Add your voice to the government consultation, and call for a focus on areas of real human need not outdated notions of security, which only protect arms company profits.

Send your message now using our key talking points.

In solidarity


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