Fiasco, failure, and forever The disaster story of nuclear power and its waste legacy

Posted: 9th September 2020

Beyond Nuclear International

Dear friends and supporters of Beyond Nuclear:

If you follow in the footsteps of uranium, what do you find? You find disaster. 

Whether it is the racism and environmental degradation of uranium mining; the catastrophe of meltdown, the “there but by luck” of numerous near-misses, or the forever deadly legacy of radioactive waste, nuclear power is a story of failure.

It’s a financial fiasco too, so much so that the nuclear power industry is trying every trick in the book — including briberyfraud, and racketeering as our recent Beyond Nuclear International stories have shown — to squeeze every last possible taxpayer and ratepayer dollar out of state and federal governments just to keep going.

Beyond Nuclear needs to keep going, too, in our ever more essential efforts to stop any more wasteful spending on uranium mines, nuclear power plants, or ill-advised and discriminatory radioactive waste dumps.

Won’t you please support our work today with a donation to help us keep up our opposition to every phase of nuclear power? We have been on the frontlines — and down in the grassroots — for 13 years now and we remain as needed as ever.

Times are tough. The last thing we need is another Church Rock or Chernobyl to add to our woes. Thank you for supporting Beyond Nuclear today.
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