Appeal for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World

Posted: 12th October 2020

UNFOLD ZERO and #wethepeoples2020update

We invite you to endorse this new Global Appeal to end the nuclear threat, abolish nuclear weapons and shift the weapons budgets and investments to support public health, COVID-19 recovery, the climate and sustainable development.

The appeal calls specifically on cities, parliaments and governments to:

  1. Affirm that nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought, and therefore the nuclear armed States should stand down their nuclear forces and affirm policies never to initiate a nuclear war (no-first-use policies);
  2. Commit to the elimination of nuclear weapons by 2045, the 100th anniversary of the United Nations;
  3. Cut nuclear weapons budgets (if they are a nuclear-weapon State), end investments in the nuclear weapons industry (all governments), and redirect these investments and budgets to support the United Nations, COVID-19 management and recovery, drastic reductions in carbon emissions to protect the climate, and financing the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
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About the appeal

The appeal was launched on the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, September 26, 2020, as one of the actions of #WeThePeoples2020.

The principal calls in the appeal were introduced to governments from around the world on October 2, 2020 by the two civil society representatives who addressed the 2020 UN High Level Meeting on the Total Eliminaton of Nuclear Weapons. See video presentation of Ms Vanda Proskova and  video presentation of Mr Saber Chowdhury.

The Appeal will be presented to various forums including the UN General Assembly, Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference and Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly, as well as directly to govenrments and national parliaments, and to civil society events.

Why 2045?

2045 is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations and also the 100th anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons in wartime (against Japan). The date provides a strong political, media and public focus to achieve the complete elimination of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear abolition is technically feasible long before 2045, and would be achieveable in the near future if we could garner the political will by the nuclear armed states. However, such political will is seriously lacking because the nuclear armed States still rely on nuclear deterrence. 2045 gives them plenty of time to sort out their security issues regarding the relinquishing of nuclear deterrence and the elimination of nuclear weapons. It is a date for which there can be no excuses for not achieving nuclear abolition, it we put this forward strongly as a goal.

For more discussion on the goal of 2045, see Can we eliminate nuclear weapons by 2045 (or before)?

Why include nuclear weapons budgets and investments?

The $100 billion spent annually on nuclear weapons is sorely needed for environmental, economic and human needs, including addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting the climate and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, the nuclear weapons industry is stimulating and promoting the nuclear arms race in order to maintain and increase their financial windfall. Actions to cut nuclear weapons budgets, such as the SANE Act in the USA, and actions by investors (private investors, cities, governments, banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, university endowment funds…) to end investments in the nuclear weapons industry, can reduce the impact of the industry, and help build political and economic support for disarmament. (See Move the Nuclear Weapons Money).
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UNFOLD ZERO and #wethepeoples2020

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