News Items

Title Posted
The hazards of Fukushima 13th October 2013
What peace means to school children 24th November 2012
St. Thomas’s Christmas Tree Festival 2nd January 2012
Peace Education 2nd January 2012
Peace Lessons 8th December 2010
Mordechai Vanunu – latest news 8th December 2010
Trident Ploughshares Big Blockade 8th December 2010
‘Making Disarmament Happen’ 8th December 2010
Trident Debate 8th December 2010
Hiroshima Day Candle Float 8th December 2010
Our public meeting and AGM 16th April 2010
Big Blockade at AWE Aldermaston 9th March 2010
General Election 9th March 2010
Successful Peace Education lessons 23rd December 2009
DVDs available to borrow 14th August 2009
Trident Ploughshares donation and joined MAW 14th August 2009
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