News Items

Title Posted
Film documenting the Burghfield Protest 11th November 2016
Salisbury CND's year in pictures 8th November 2016
No End in Sight for Fukushima Disaster 5th October 2016
Latest Labour Party position on Trident renewal 27th September 2016
University of Sussex study indicates risk of severe nuclear accidents higher than traditionally estimated 20th September 2016
Greenpeace video about Hinkley Point C 20th September 2016
Nuclear convoy stopped on its way to Scotland 19th September 2016
Environmental Agency decision to allow increased radioactive discharges from Devonport dockyard 19th September 2016
Sellafield's Nuclear Safety Failings - BBC 1 5th September 2016
A Very British Deterrent - BBC2 4th September 2016
Reports from Hiroshima on Radio 4 22nd August 2016
Lovely Video of This Year's Candle Float 19th August 2016
Hiroshima Candle Float a success 11th August 2016
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's 'enforcement' is as fierce as the comfy chair 3rd August 2016
AWE Aldermaston placed in special regulatory measures for fourth year in a row 30th July 2016
World in Danger: The Fukushima California Connection 30th July 2016
Hinkley Point C still in the balance? 29th July 2016
The Fight to Stop Trident Continues 29th July 2016
Theresa May is Lying over Trident - or at least I hope she is! 22nd July 2016
Nuclear submarine HMS Ambush damaged in collision 22nd July 2016
Trident, Hinkley Point, HS 2 and Heathrow's third runway. Danger, Lobbyists at work! 21st July 2016
Graveyard of the Earth - Inside City 40 Ozersk, Russia's deadly secret 21st July 2016
If you wondered if CND could have influence, you might be interested in this! 21st July 2016
Don't Give Up! 19th July 2016
Press coverage of Parliament Square protest 19th July 2016
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