News Items

Title Posted
Oxford CND Newsletter 4th July 2019
A Race against Time 1st July 2019
Chernobyl has blown up twice 1st July 2019
The New Tide of Militarisation 30th June 2019
Fukushima's Three Nuclear Meltdowns are Under Control - That's a Lie 29th June 2019
Global Peace Index 29th June 2019
CBI recommends building more nuclear reactors 28th June 2019
Powerful video about the unacceptable humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons 26th June 2019
Latest news from Beyond Nuclear International 25th June 2019
Report on Events and Activities June 2018 - May 2019 19th June 2019
A personal experience of the Festival Of Ideas within the Salisbury International Arts Festival 12th June 2019
Voices of the Fukushima power plant explosion victims 7th June 2019
Ever wondered if your money is connected to nuclear weapons? 7th June 2019
Walter Wolfgang dies aged 95 5th June 2019
The link between your electricity bill and Nuclear submarines 5th June 2019
Latest footage showing the scale of the task faced at Fukushima 31st May 2019
ICAN partner organisation PAX releases new research that shows which 28 private companies are involved in building nuclear weapons. 20th May 2019
Paris joins ICAN Cities Appeal 20th May 2019
Nuclear Information Service report - Trouble Ahead 4th May 2019
Protest at Westminster Abbey 3rd May 2019
180 Clerics Slam Westminster Abbey Service of Thanksgiving to mark 50 years of the Continuous at Sea Deterrent (CASD) 27th April 2019
Nuclear fallout embedded in glaciers and they are starting to melt 13th April 2019
TEPCO to start removing fuel from reactor building No 3 13th April 2019
CND Condemns Westminster Abbey Thanksgiving Service 7th April 2019
New insights into the spread of radiation from Chernobyl 4th April 2019
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