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Event Title Event Date Location
Hiroshima Day Candle Float 6th August 2013 Avon River, Fisherton Street, Salisbury
Southern Region CND AGM 6th April 2013 Quaker Meeting House, Salisbury
Southern Region CND AGM 6th April 2013 Quaker Meeting House, Salisbury
Salisbury CND public meeting and AGM 11th February 2013 Quaker Meeting House, Salisbury
Drones and fighting wars from space - the UK involvement 11th February 2013 Quaker Meeting House
Planning meeting 14th January 2013 Caroline Lanyon’s home, Salisbury
Peace Messages Display 12th December 2012 City Library, Salisbury
CND Decorated Christmas Tree 4th December 2012 St. Thomas Church, Salisbury
Peace Lessons 3rd December 2012 St. Edmunds Girls School, Salisbury
Hiroshima Day 6th August 2012 River Avon, Fisherton Street, Salisbury
Campaign stall 28th July 2012 The Maltings, Salisbury
CND AGM with guest speaker Dr. Frank Boulton 3rd April 2012 Quaker Meeting House, 51 Wilton Road, Salisbury SP2 7EP.
Planning meeting (starts 8pm) 28th February 2012 Sue's
Local group meeting 17th January 2012 Sue Wright's home
Campaigning, Information and Fundraising Stall 20th August 2011 The Maltings, Salisbury
Hiroshima Day Candle Float 9th August 2011 On the River Avon, Salisbury
CND Salisbury planning meeting 24th May 2011 8pm at Sue's
Cut Trident march 26th March 2011 London
Salisbury CND AGM 23rd March 2011 Quaker Meeting House, Salisbury,
Salisbury CND planning meeting 12th January 2011 8pm at Sue's
Social get-together 21st December 2010 The New Inn
Peace tree goes on display 13th December 2010 Salisbury Library
Salisbury CND planning meeting 17th November 2010 8pm at Sue's
Beating the Bomb film 8th November 2010 Caroline's new home at 7:30pm
Trident Ploughshares Blockade 1st November 2010 Devonport
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