News Items

Title Posted
Jeremy Corbyn's thoughts on Trident 19th January 2016
Christmas Tree display at St. Thomas's 4th December 2015
Japan's 166,000 tons of nuclear waste still waiting to be buried 30th November 2015
Peace lessons, the United Nations, and the Military ethos in schools 10th November 2015
US nuclear weapons in Europe 8th November 2015
Trident cartoon comment 3rd November 2015
Talk to 6th Salisbury Air Scouts as part of their Environmental Conservation Activity badge. 3rd November 2015
Latest costings for Hinkley Point nuclear power station 30th October 2015
Increased cost estimate for Trident renewal 30th October 2015
National CND Conference Workshop "Using the Legal Arguments Better" 23rd October 2015
Report of our day at the CND National Conference 19th October 2015
CND National Conference Agenda for 18th October 17th October 2015
Jeremy Corbyn named as Vice-President of CND 17th October 2015
News from Fukushima 11th October 2015
Hiroshima Candle Float pictures in "Wiltshire Society" 5th October 2015
Salisbury CND Facebook page 16th September 2015
Protest against Trident at the Tory Party conference 30th August 2015
Jeremy Corbyn's position on nuclear weapons 11th August 2015
Our 70th Anniversary Hiroshima Candle Float 7th August 2015
How does Trident compare to the Hiroshima bomb? Food for thought! 5th August 2015
Successful CND Stall in The Maltings 5th August 2015
Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory remains in special measures 12th July 2015
Nuclear bomb testing waste on the Marshall Islands 4th July 2015
Invitation to write to John Glen MP 22nd June 2015
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