News Items

Title Posted
Protest against Trident at the Tory Party conference 30th August 2015
Jeremy Corbyn's position on nuclear weapons 11th August 2015
Our 70th Anniversary Hiroshima Candle Float 7th August 2015
How does Trident compare to the Hiroshima bomb? Food for thought! 5th August 2015
Successful CND Stall in The Maltings 5th August 2015
Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory remains in special measures 12th July 2015
Nuclear bomb testing waste on the Marshall Islands 4th July 2015
Invitation to write to John Glen MP 22nd June 2015
CND involved in Anti-Austerity March 20th June 20th June 2015
Successful public meeting 19th June 19th June 2015
Understanding what happened at Fukushima 13th June 2015
China's nuclear plans - a Warning 29th May 2015
Local Authorities stripped of right to stop dumping of nuclear waste in their communities 7th April 2015
The Ecologist has a major article on Trident replacement protests by Action AWE 25th March 2015
Candidates views on Trident replacement 23rd March 2015
AWE Aldermaston & Burghfield contracts causing concern - Sunday Times 19th March 2015
Detailed report from Burghfield Lockdown by Action AWE 10th March 2015
Burghfield Lockdown 2nd March 2015
Walk away for 100 years- Fukushima 10th February 2015
Wrap Up Trident Demo, London 24.1.15 24th January 2015
Wrap up Trident - Latest news 23rd January 2015
Trident Renewal debate 20th January 2015 22nd January 2015
Minibus booked for Wrap Up Trident Demo in London 17th December 2014
The Body Shop displays the CND Peace symbol! 17th December 2014
Peace Messages on Display 17th December 2014
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