News Items

Title Posted
Greenpeace activists enter French nuclear plant and set off fireworks near spent-fuel pool to show vulnerabilities 17th October 2017
Electricity consumers 'to fund nuclear weapons through Hinkley Point C' 13th October 2017
Salisbury CND Annual Review 12th October 2017
Tepco and Japanese Government jointly liable for Fukushima claims 11th October 2017
Oxfordshire Peace Campaign marks 40th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty at space communication base near Oxford 10th October 2017
ICAN's Response to Winning the Nobel Peace Prize 8th October 2017
ICAN awarded Nobel Peace Prize 6th October 2017
NIS Update - "The UK and the Nuclear Ban Treaty September 2017" 27th September 2017
New video from ICAN about the UN Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons 26th September 2017
UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons open for signature 21st September 2017
People Power - Fighting for Peace 13th September 2017
September Can Be a Turning Point for a World on the Brink of Nuclear War 5th September 2017
Scottish vulnerability to nuclear cargos highlighted by new report 4th September 2017
Civil Nuclear Power Fundamentally Linked to Military Needs 28th August 2017
Nuclear Power Not So Cheap 25th August 2017
Latest news from National CND 24th August 2017
Latest News from the Nuclear Information Service 17th August 2017
Trump the "Nuclear Monarch" 12th August 2017
Hiroshima Day Candle Float Pictures 7th August 2017
Ask the UK to sign the new UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons 6th August 2017
Burghfield protesters have convictions quashed 3rd August 2017
Something Has Gone Seriously Wrong at AWE Aldermaston 3rd August 2017
Plutonium Hot Particles Still Afloat Throughout Japan 30th July 2017
Robot Finds Likely Melted Fuel Heap Inside Fukushima Reactor 25th July 2017
Fukushima Radiation and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics 21st July 2017
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