News Items

Title Posted
Letter explaining why Oldham Peace and Justice are Campaigning against Elbit 14th August 2020
MPs ask No 10 to clarify Dominic Cummings role in defence review 13th August 2020
Nuclear power goes South in South Carolina 10th August 2020
Nuclear blackmail in Illinois 10th August 2020
John Pilger: Another Hiroshima is coming – unless we stop it now 10th August 2020
The myth that it was necessary to drop the bombs on Japan to end the war. 8th August 2020
A heartfelt message from Kazuhiko Kobayashi 7th August 2020
Report warns "Nuclear weapons are incompatible with action on climate change" 7th August 2020
From Manhattan to Hiroshima: the race for the atom bomb 7th August 2020
A series of articles prompted by Hiroshima day in the Morning Star 7th August 2020
Survivors mark 75th anniversary of world's 1st atomic attack: Japan holds memorial service at Hiroshima led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe amid renewed calls for a ban on nuclear weapons 7th August 2020
I Saw the World End 7th August 2020
Hiroshima day event in Hiroshima 6th August 2020
Letter to Boris Johnson from Setsuko Thurlow (Ms.) 4th August 2020
Nuclear Weapons - A Beginner's Guide to the Threats 4th August 2020
Campaign: August edition 4th August 2020
Nuclear Information Service Update August 2020 4th August 2020
A nuclear arms race in space? It seems we've learned nothing from Hiroshima 2nd August 2020
UK lobbies US to support controversial new nuclear warheads 2nd August 2020
The alarming safety record of India’s nuclear power plants 31st July 2020
100 Seconds to Midnight - What does this mean and what can we do? 31st July 2020
Nukewatch report 26th/27th July 2020 27th July 2020
US declares it will breach arms control agreement to sell more drones 27th July 2020
The big spender we don’t need 27th July 2020
Nucleargate in Ohio 27th July 2020
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