News Items

Title Posted
Make Nuclear Great Again? 2nd June 2020
Space Force is no laughing matter 2nd June 2020
Watch "The Atom: A Love Affair" 28th May 2020
Fumbling the nuclear football: is Trump blundering to arms control chaos? 28th May 2020
‘Visibility equals death’ – living under the martial gaze 28th May 2020
EDF poised to submit plans for an £18bn nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast 27th May 2020
Nowhere to run to 26th May 2020
Fukushima’s radioactive water problem 26th May 2020
Four Leaflets on critical current issues prepared by Dr. Rebecca Johnson 24th May 2020
Cut War Not Healthcare - Online Meeting with Kate Hudson and John Pilger 22nd May 2020
Open Skies Treaty: US to withdraw from arms control deal 22nd May 2020
MPs slam MoD's 'utter failure' to improve contract management as nuclear project costs soar 21st May 2020
Clapping for the NHS? A poster to go with it! 20th May 2020
The Environmental Impacts of the UK Military Sector 20th May 2020
Southbound nuclear warhead convoy Monday 18th May, Stirling, Scotland 19th May 2020
Sign a petition against Sizewell C new nuclear development 18th May 2020
National Online Ceremony - International Conscientious Objectors' Day 18th May 2020
Please sign this petition from John Gittings re: Trident 17th May 2020
Pity they don’t work against Covid-19: US drives RECORD global spending on atomic weapons, report shows 17th May 2020
Cold war atomic tests led to increased rainfall on Shetland 17th May 2020
Campaigners condemn cross-border road transport of nuclear bombs during pandemic 17th May 2020
CND poster competition 12th May 2020
Greenham Women Everywhere 12th May 2020
"War School" Documentary Available Free on Youtube until end of June 12th May 2020
Webinar: War in Space - The Final Frontier 12th May 2020
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