News Items

Title Posted
Duke Energy seeks license renewal for its oldest nuclear power plant, vulnerable to damage from nearby dam 30th June 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 30th June 2021 30th June 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 29th June 2021 29th June 2021
Putin ‘city killer’ 604ft submarine loaded with nuke drones capable of triggering tsunami sets sails for the first time 29th June 2021
Utterly Destroyed - Potential for Essex coastline should Bradwell B be built 28th June 2021
William Burns, behind-the-scenes advisor in US-Soviet nuclear talks, dies at 88 28th June 2021
Four senators ask Biden to clear Oppenheimer's name 28th June 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 28th June 2021 28th June 2021
Nuclear Fusion 28th June 2021
Classified Ministry of Defence documents found at bus stop 27th June 2021
Peoples Assembly March in London, 26th June 2021 27th June 2021
Photographer Goes Inside Chernobyl to Document the Post-Meltdown Nuclear Power Plant 27th June 2021
Technology and the Future of UK Foreign Policy 27th June 2021
Climate Change UK Nuclear 27th June 2021
Supreme Court backs protesters and rules blocking roads can be ‘lawful’ way to demonstrate 27th June 2021
U.S. Navy has confirmed that they are planning for the new "Trident" missile 27th June 2021
The British government and its militarily is playing very dangerous games 25th June 2021
Biden should end the launch-on-warning option 24th June 2021
TEPCO begins process to scrap Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant 24th June 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 23rd June 2021 23rd June 2021
Ploughshare from Christian CND 23rd June 2021
As Japan reboots 44-year-old nuclear reactor, experts sound alarm 22nd June 2021
CND's Press Round-Up - 22nd June 2021 22nd June 2021
Protest against Oxford University’s involvement in weapons development 22nd June 2021
The Taishan Death Blow 21st June 2021
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